On those projects that call for creative “out-of-the-box” design solutions, we encourage total office participation. In these cases we hold in-house design competitions or "charrettes". We’ve found that this efficiently provides clients with multiple design options. The best ideas are then thoughtfully combined into a single integrated solution. Other clients may prefer simple straight forward solutions.


We leverage technology in the hands of well trained architects and architect interns to solve both immediate issues of architectural concern and larger issues of global concern. After satisfying client desires and needs, we focus our attention on environmental impact. There are some tasks that can be best resolved by computer in the hands of a well trained user. We are confident that we are among the most qualified in the region to accomplish these tasks.


Mark Siever is one of the regions earliest adopters of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and has been the Revit/BIM instructor at the University of Kentucky’s College of Design, School of Architecture since 2007. The S+A staff are among the best trained BIM users that can be found in and around Kentucky and we are often recognized for the quality of our construction documents. This quality frequently reduces construction change orders saving clients thousands of dollars.

S+A Architecture is the inventor and creator of, a massive web-based library and dispenser of architectural details built with Autodesk Revit. It includes an infrastructure for linking architects and building product manufacturers. The complexity associated with such an undertaking further underscores our technological mastery and justifies Mark’s Visionary of the Year Award presented in 2008 by the Construction Specifications Institute.